I’m notsure what system se


I’m notsure what system setup you have butdepending on its age you may want to consider an upgrade.

I’ve got a Toshiba laptop running Win7 on a corei3with 4gb of memory. I edit with Premiere Elements doing AVCHDand recently did a DV project.The i3 ispretty maxed out with the AVCHD and I couldn’t recommend it to anyone unless they were on a super tight budget- however – if all you do is DV then it should be a piece of cake for an i3. My DV project was smooth and fast with no hiccups even though I downloaded the video to an external HD using usb.2 and edited it from there.

I like Toshiba because myold Toshiba winXP is still alive and kicking while my wife is on the verge of needing a third laptop since I purchased mine. She’s finally agreed to get a Toshiba. And Toshibas have awesome speakers (for a laptop, at least.)

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