I’m not the authority abou


I’m not the authority about this, but I know a little bit about the difference between the little cable adapter and the expensive $100+ adapters:

XLR cables, by design are balanced, protecting them from interference from electrical fields. 1/8 inch cables (like the mic input on your camera) are not balanced (i believe).

Thats why we never see people using boom mikes with a thin little 1/8 inch cable. For a short distance though, 1/8 inch cables fit the bill.

When you use the cheap cable adapter with an XLR cable, the whole system becomes unbalanced (in my understanding. please correct me if i’m wrong!), so there’s higher risk of interference.

With the little expensive “box” adapters, it keeps the system balanced, and helps to prevent interference.

I’ve been using the cheap adapter with a RODE ntg2 and it works great, but i have to careful around power cables and etc. When you plug in the charger to the camera, the adapter picks up noise.

hope that made sense and was a somewhat correctexplanation:)

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