I’m not sure what lines you


I'm not sure what lines you're referring to but the only ones that I saw were due to the interlaced frames. If you're not familiar with interlacing, it's when a camera snaps a frame, it records the odd numbered scan lines (horizontal row of pixels) first then it will record the even numbered ones. When projected back the two images are merged into one and if any movement occured in between those frames then you may end up with a ghost image. In the case of the horses you'll see a fairly solid image of them with lines (every other scan line) to either side which is where the horsde was in each half of the frame. With thin objects, such a light post in the background, you'll see two separate images. There are editors which can solve this problem (I don't know if Vegas is one of them) and I believe the feature is called delacing. I'll have to check my editor for the name, I'm not close to my computer at the moment. I used it once when a client complained about the problem and results looked good on the editors monitor but I never scrutinized it full frame. Since the editor takes one interlaced frame (every other scan line) then fills in the rest with what it thinks should be there, I was afraid that the image might suffer from the "guessing."

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