I’m not sure exactly what


I’m not sure exactly what you’re lookin for, but remember that the affect from deinterlacing is really not going to be visible while playing the video from the timline in your editing program. It becomes more prevalent when you watch it on a tv.

Adobe has decent color correctors and I would think that you could find your look by just continuing to mess around with the plugins. I usually can find my look by adjusting the saturation and contrast levels. I would encourage you to "harmonize effects" by using at least two seperate layers of the same video and placing different effects into each layer while setting the opacity of the top layer to at least 50 percent. For example, if you don’t have a pro-mist filter, you can completely blurr the top layer. When this completely blurred video is reduced 50 percent opacity, it gives the original video in the bottom layer the soft silky look of the promist filter. I know this may sound a little confusing, but the idea is to make two layers of the same video look completely different and than to combine those differences by reducing the opacity in the top layer to get a new effect.

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