I’m not really sure this f


I’m not really sure this forum is the place to go for FREE editing services. I almost WANTED to read the entire thing, but THAT much dense copy was simply beyond my curiosity level, and I AM a writer and career journalist. I edit, but I also PAY for the editing I have done for my longer works.

I can tell you that, at first glance and glossing over some of your copy (I’m also a speed reader and consume books and magazines, as well as blog articles and other information at a rate that most people would not appreciate) you have a considerable amount of re-writing to consider before paying someone to proof and edit.

That being said, don’t despair, none of us started out writing perfect anything and a very rare few ever got it right on the first write (no pun intended). Do continue, but just keep in mind that you’re going to need friends, family and others to read your stuff first, then branch out to other professionals in writing, not video, if you want to obtain editing assistance, free or otherwise.

Just saying …

HINT: Check out National Novel Writing Month to join a group of others who are in your position and seeking to write seriously or otherwise. They have a program where people join on to see if they can finish a novel in one month. It’s held each November but the membership and friends are ongoing. Might be a good fit for you.

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