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I’m not quite sure what your difficulty actually is. Are you needing to convert the Digital Juice DVD files into the mov (jpeg) format so you can load them for playback from the DVD player? Or are you needing to feed your hardware keyer an S-video signal from the computer with the keyer outputting to the direct to disc DVD recorder. I assume you’ve already found that the Digital Juice’s Juicer 3.0 can’t do what you need. So I’ll suggest a way to send S-video to the hardware keyer from your computer.

Since you’ve been making videos already, I’m going to assume you have a digital camcorder that connects to your computer via a Firewire (or IEEE 1394) port. Now I use Vegas Home Studio as my NLE and it sends a monitor out video signal via the Firewire port. So when I need an analogue S-video signal (to connect with my video monitor,) I use my Firewire port to send video to my camcorder. Then I can connect the camcorder S-video out to my monitor (or your hardware keyer.) I import the video file I want to use, place it on the timeline and play it back. And that’s all there is to that.

As I mentioned, Vegas NLE’s are capable of DV output via Firewire and as I understand it, so are most of the other popular NLE’s. If your NLE doesn’t support the video out function, you can download a free, one month trial of several flavors of Vegas to experiment with.

I am hoping this is an answer your question. Good luck with your production.

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