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I'm not quite sure how to start a new thread here so I apologize in advaance on piggy-backing on John's post. I'm a newbie to filmmaking coming to it as a writer who wants to create my own online series. I have almost no budget (think desktop PC running XP Pro on a card table). ISince I can only afford one camera, which should that be? A DSLR? A camcorder? Camcorders can shoot longer, have built-in mics and lighting but DSLRs have interchangeable lenses, other advantages over a camcorder? Then there's budgeting for mics (if not using a camcorder), lights, video editing software ( I have and love Audacity for sound) . If you were just startign out filmmaking with a $500 budget what would you get in order of priority? 1. Camera 2. Editing software. What would you get if you had a $1,000 budget? Thank you so instead?  Thank you so much for your thoughts/suggestions.

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