I’m not familiar with Sony


I’m not familiar with Sony camcorders, but from a little bit of research, it looks like both camcorders are expensive DV pro models.

1st question – Is this likely to be overkill for a short training application? Would something like a Sony PD170 do the job as well?

Both are 3ccd professional models, so it probably doesn’t matter. Just for the sake of it, use the more expensive model during your one camera setup.

2nd question – For my 2nd camera, should I keep it the same as the main camera or could I use the PD170 (assuming I use a DSR for main camera)?

Try comparing recordings from both camcorders and see which one has the best image quality – then use that as the main one. Also, you don’t want to use two cameras that have noticeable differences in picture quality in a multi-cam setup.

3rd question – Being in a food outlet on the higfh street it is going to be fairly tight for space and probably quite bright inside. We are filming 2 people have a conversation. What would be recommendation on lighting – Redheads, videssence etc?

You might be able to get a pro quality recording with no external lighting. If the picture is darker than desired, consider using a 3-point light setup: Three-Point Lighting 101

4th question – I will have a soundman with us. Would you aim to feed sound back to one camera or both?

You should first make sure that both camcorders are in sync while recording/editing. Feed the audio into one camcorder, then use the same sound recording when switching between both camera shots.

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