I’m not exactly sure you’v


I’m not exactly sure you’ve got an input, plugging headphones into the mic-in does two things. On most camcorders with the mini-stereo input, inserting anything into the plug will cause the camcorder to treat it as a microphone. So the camcorder records either a buzz or nothing at all (like when a mic is not turned on.) And what I hear while testing with my headphones is nothing at all. Utter silence. On the other hand, what you describe is exactly what happens when I’ve plug headphones into a “monitor” out, which seems to translate into a mono ear plug. So I’d pull out my handy stereo to mono mini jack adapter and then I could hear a mono signal in both ears.

But I would be interested in hearing what you hear if you plug in the headphones (with or without the adapter) and then tap on the camcorder’s built-in microphone. Even better, try scratching across them. If you hear that sound through the headphones, then the headphones are not acting as a mic. Or the microphone input isn’t functioning properly. You may want to record the testing while you do it to hear what is actually being recorded. If what you heard what was recorded, then what happens when you redo the scratch or tap test with a mic you know is good? It would be most perplexing if scratching on the external mic or the internal mic records scratching sounds. Which would lead me to believe the mini-stereo plug is not functioning properly at all. Especially when you get an audio output from the same plug.

So anyway, I’m curious. And, by the way, good luck with it all.

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