im not a pro at audio, im


im not a pro at audio, im more into video. Dont get something cheap. I know some people say buy a gl-2, dont. It doesnt record HD. the xl1 looks cool buts old. go tapeless aka SD. its fast! you have a incredible budget! I wish i had that kind of budget! 

heres a idea of how much i would put into each area


3 cameras: $7,100  –     (2 sony nex fs100 kit cameras ($3000 each if you shop) and a canon t2i for b-roll (300$) with a 50mm 1.8 (90$) 3 sd's  (100) get transcend 32gb class 10

computer:   2200$ –      ( 16gb imac; 3.4 ghz if you can) and a couple Xternal hard drives (500$) headphones (skullcandy hesh 2, 50$), card readers. (5$)  

ediiting software –    (Adobe premiere; digital download: 200$)

audio:   –  2 grand  (not a pro but i own seinheizer ew 300 and their flawless but $$).. work within the budget and get 3 lapels. and if possible a gun mic would be nice.. idk if you have a pulpit mic eithir.. if not thats an aditional 100$ get some xlr chords to. 

3 tripods: 400$ (just need to be strong and stable; manfrotto recommended; something like 190xb

3 fluid heads: 420$  – manfrotto 701 hdv fluid heads


you then mentioned green screen and edit desk and lighting. 


wouldnt recomend green screening unless your already familiar with it. white or black backgrounds work good for interview type shots. (sheet, or if your church has a pupet stage with black curtains.wala)


lighting might be the $$ vacuam. are you needing lighting for the stage and everthing? or do they already have basic ceiling lighting?    if so my budget for that would be about $3,000


you dont need a fancy desk. i got one free! Craigslist it. (50$)


ik my recomdations for cameras is probably what your gona blow off. But thats the whole thing. Those are the best cameras i can think of for lowlight situations. (youll run into that a ton). 


           you also might think about buying the whole adobe sweet. you can get it as a download for less than 300$  you get, Audition, after effects, photoshop, bridge, premiere, illistrator, encore.. and like 5 others i use less often.   That might not be wise getting though if you have no experience in those programs already. (PS and the t2i go together hand in hand).. idk if your church has a website but this is great stuff.. your limitless to what you can create.  You always have adiotional options for camera movements other than a tripod or free hand. youve got jibs (100-1200$) sliders (50-200$) and others that are less important. depends how far you want to go and how many hands you


this all comes out at about 11,020$ (exluding optional items)   ebay it all. get it cheap.

and wala you have 4 grand to ad to any catogory i missed or didnt acount for enough! (batteries, speakers, etc)

consider my recomdations priceless! go cheap where expensive doesnt matter. go expensive where expensive does matter!  (not price wys but product wys)


and if its over the budget you can cut it down 700$ cheaper by exluding the canon t2i and 1 fluid head and tripod and canon 50mm 1.8.   (b-roll package)   youll have no b-roll though. Its just a option


if you bought all this everyone will want a wedding shot at your church! haha

good luck     – Jon


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