I’m not a home user, but I


I’m not a home user, but I love Flash, and my Aiptek shoots .ASF files on my SD card. This file works ok with most programs, except Final Cut Pro and old versions of Premiere. Another reason I prefer Sony Vegas.

About MPEG and HDD, yes the HDDs I’ve used shot to MPEG2, at least when they shot SD. But the HD wasin AVCHD format (these were Sonys). Because of that, I don’t see MPEG2 being a problem, since people look at me strange for still using SD and so HD/AVCHD will be what most people use.

Also, I’m pretty sloppy with video, (I’ve found audio beats video every time.The average person I show my videos tobarely notice the video, but the audio has to be PERFECT) so MPEG2 shooting doesn’t matter to me.

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The best lights for video production — 2021

Lighting needs run the gamut, from huge budget productions to small, DIY vloggers, and there’s something for every niche. This article will explain what to think about before buying lights and provide a list of the best video lights currently on the market.