I’m not a GL2 user, but I’


I’m not a GL2 user, but I’m familiar with the auto settings, which are not too different from GL1s or XL2s.

The different modes you can choose from actually don’t affect the frame rate of your camera. The GL2 (as far as I understand) shoots only 1 frame rate, 29.97 frames per second (also refered to as 60i). This is standard for all NTSC standard definition video camcorders, although there are some alternatives out there. Check out our some of our articles for more info about frame rates (here’s one: http://www.videomaker.com/scripts/article.cfm?id=12720)

Anyway, back to those modes. It sounds like your most interested in shutter speed, which is easily confused with frame rate. In auto, your shutter speed is adjusted automatically by the camera. Tv mode, the shutter speed is adjusted to your liking and then "locked." This is called shutter priority. Your basically telling you camcorder to not change your shutter speed, because you want it to stay at a certain speed. Av mode, is aperture priority, where you set the aperture to lock to a certain setting. I could go into the other modes, but those are the main ones. To learn more about the others, take a look into your manual.

Thanks for posting and keep them coming. Camera modes are always an interesting discussion. The more you learn about your GL2’s modes the more easier it will be to operate that camera.

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