I’m not a director, just a


I’m not a director, just an amateur with some pretty good equipment.

Do I want to do this work? LOL

NO, but I get talked into things sometimes, that require workarounds.

This particular situation is some gratis videos for non-profit org.

Greenscreen and white sheet is out, just can’t setup in enough situations to mess with it.

I can do some lighting tweaks with reflectors and such, but otherwise outdoor natural sunlight is it.

I just have to compensate for light direction and shadows in videos.

Basically, I’m looking at making waist up shoot of talent to minimize editing.

Currently I own the vegas 8 pro, I’m not sure I can get access to After Effects. I have a friend with the full Adobe CS4 package, which might include it.

I appreciate the responses very much. They are a help.

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