I’m making my own movies,


I’m making my own movies, that’s a great demo reel right there! I too know every job in movies and can’t get a paying job for beans. The closest I am right now, is doing the sound for this group of volunteer firefighters who do puppet shows for elementary schools. It’s a very easy job and will end soon if we don’t get enough funding. What a world!

THE BEST WEBSITE I RECOMMEND: http://www.filmstaff.com. There are jobs for Hollywood movie studios on there and Pixar/Disney and other places in New York, etc. This seems to be the real mccoy of movie job websites.The great thing about it is that they tell what you have to know to get these jobs. with a little study and work, I could work for Pixar! The problem is that I only need a job for a short time, whereas, these are long-time careers we’re talking about here.

Of course, you have to pay to read the full job descriptions/contact info for employers, but it’s worth it, from what I saw during my one month trial of $30 or something like that(?).

So check out filmstaff.com – the Monster of movie/film jobs. And good luck!

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