” I’m looking to try and


" I'm looking to try and start filming band sessions in the near future, basically just having a band come and play three or four songs and record it all. "    Is this a one-off?  . .  an experiment? . . . Is this an attempt to avoid paying a professional to do a professional job? . . . Are you looking to cultivate a niche market, specializing in making band videos?     How you answer these questions and other questions  ( to yourself ) will have a great deal to do with how you should approach shot layout, lighting, sound recording, etc. Do you expect to produce a video which will stand up in comparison with professionally produced videos you see on TV? Making a successful music video requires years of experinece, loads of ingenuity, an experienced crew, and a clear picture in one's mind of what the " client " wants. You simply can't read a handful of magazine articles, buy a couple thousand dollars-worth of gear, and expect to produce a worthy product.

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