“I’m looking for camcorder


“I’m looking for camcorder that offers an Input Mic” … “$400.00”

Unfortunately, this price range generallyposes no interest for having this feature among most manufacturers. The mic input is an essential feature for good sound gathering, even on some of the lower end budgets. Canon, more so than anybody else, has accomplished this by having a mic input in virtually their entire realm of consumer camcorders. But at a budget under $500, I never thought I would have any luck searching. The Canon HG10 HD hard disk camcorder is one thing I came across.

The Canon HG10 (Full HD)has a retail value of $1,300, but is currently selling at some places online for around $400. It’s got a mic jack, manual focus ring, and headphone jack, which shares its port with the A/V jack being toggled on menu.

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