I’m looking at it from App

AvatarGrinner Hester

I’m looking at it from Apples POV. It aint liek they are competing with adobe or avid. They sell iStuff. Looking at the revenue coming in dorectly from FCP vs their overhead supporting it is a no brainer but I don’t think they thought out how man iStuff purchasers FCP reeled in for em. I mean, once ya go mac ya go all mac. Because of FCP, many users purchased a mac where they otherwise would not have. That led to their iphone, ipad and all of their kids’ electronics. By that, perhaps a bad move. Stepping back and look at that overhead though while they are focusing on far bigger things than video post-production, man I get it.

This is a great opportunity for Avid to get some of that market share they handed over to FCP and for adobe to claim the whole dang enchelada should avid fail to respond to this last chance to compete.

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