I’m in! I tried to log in


I’m in!

I tried to log in a few times but my old PW wasn’t working, but I finally made it in!

Apologies for not responding sooner. I know this sounds jaded, but it’s so rare that I get reponses on this cold-blooded thing we call the Internet, that I just never bothered to check in again.

Thank you both for your encouraging & positive comments. Dare I quote poor old Sally Field: (“you like me! you really really”…oh forget it).

@pseudosafari: I think I understand what you mean…I assume you mean that if you play one demo track, and then don’t turn it off and start another demo track on the same page, that the first one will keep playing and not shut off automatically, right? I just have to learn some more about html programming to fix that, I suppose. Now I’ll paraphrase Dr. McCoy from Star Trek: “I’m a composer, Jim, not a programmer!”

@EarlC – I sincerely appreciate your encouragement. I’ve added a few more tunes/categories, though of course the song selection is small:

I’ve added a “Folk Latin” category, but I’d like to mention my “Belly Dancing” category, only because it has a song I’m proud of, because it’s a mix of Urban Pop with spice exotic elements. Hope you’ll check it out! The song is called “Secrets of the Far East”.

Oh, and I can’t leave without mentioning another song called “Cabin Party” in the Pop section, which is like a Motown/B52s inspired thing.

I’m starting to think that perhaps I should ask people to join a mailing list so I can tell them about new songs/categories as I add them…what do you think?

All the best,

Sean C.


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