I’m in yorktown VA, prices


I’m in yorktown VA, prices from Richmond to newport VA are 1,300.00 to 3,500.00. Most guys will shoot the video and hand the couple the raw video unedited and say bye for 2,500.00 with no titles , graphics or music. i think that sucks for the couples that paid for their memories to be saved. My opinion of them is they need to be horse whipped, i will put still pic, titles, graphics, music. a couple paid 2,500.00 for raw video and they had no idea what to do with it. it look like a drunk taped it and there were zooms in and out all the time, not good. heck their old grand mother could have shot that and paid nothing. always give a client a little extra so they will tell others about you. include the first tape with the cost anything after is 20.00 ea. I charge 50.00 per hour for shooting and 100.00 for editing for other projects. do what the market sees they can handle. 8)

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