I’m in complete agreement


I’m in complete agreement with chuckengels. Fact is, I use Premiere Elements and Premiere Pro CS3 on about the same ratio as he does. I also continue to use PE v7 since I haven’t seen any advantage right now to go to v8. V7 has everything I need right now. What I really like about PE7 is that it takes the hassle out of creating menus. It’s got some nice templates for many occasions. I’ve created menus using Adobe Encore but it’s time consuming and I only use it for original, customized projects.

I’d also suggest addingone other app to the list if you want to really create some nice, moreprofessional looks to your dvd’s and that is to learn Photoshop. You don’t need CS4 either. I have Photoshop CS3 but I rarely use it since I use Photoshop Elements 7. With Photoshop Elements you can create nice menus, slideshows, and disk labels and cases, in addition to editing photos. I’ve also used it to modify the Premiere Elements menu templates.

Good luck!

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