I’m in a similar position to


I'm in a similar position to Callie. Just a month or so into it.


I am becoming aware that alot of people like Sony but chose Adobe Elements for the following reasons:

1) Got it cheap with my camera. ($50 combined)

2) We are a 3 person organization. I do all back office and I have to cover alot of breadth. It seemed to me that Adobe offers the broadest selection of quality creative tools out there and that there would be room to develop in a number of different directions and some likely sanity savings if and when I do. Even wondering if Elements alone might not just provide enough tools to handle my videography / photography needs without ever needing to upgrade. But if I decide I do need to, I can. (As with Sony, which I didn't know until reading this thread.)

3) Depth and quality of training material available. (I'm a Lynda.com member and they have a ton of Adobe stuff plus Adobe has done quite a bit of their own.Tons on the web as well.)

4) Safe bet. They have been a market leader for so long, I would think that they have put that to good use in terms of improving their product and service. On the other hand, in some cases outdated architecture and approaches and a large complex product offering can hold a company back. I'm not sure which is more true of Adobe, frankly and how Sony compares.

5) Slight buy American prejudice.


If I were to choose pro apps down the line, I realize that the price of the Creative Cloud is intimidating as is the time suck rabbit hole required to learn and use the technical tools, but if one were to use a number of applications and try to stay reasonably current, wouldn't the costs even out or maybe even be in the favor of the subscription?


Obviously, I guess I stress out over this decision. I realize it's potentially a big one with long term consequences. Too bad it's best made at the start when one doesn't know much. I know everyone has to make it though. I would also guess that many of you have gained perspective of having used a number of different programs. What do you think of my thought process? and what's your opinion on Adobe in genreal and Premiere Elements in specific? and why? It kind of freaks me out that noone has even mentioned it.


thanks for reading!


As I said, however, I'm pretty green and I'm not sure whether I made the right move or not.

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