I’m hardly the expert, but I


I'm hardly the expert, but I'd like to comment on your use of multiple cameras for speeches, etc.  I shoot some high school band concerts, speeches, and other such, using 4 HD cameras.  One is static wide shot, the other 3 are usually Sony with Lanc ports.  Made 3 ea 50ft cables so each cable is multi-wire with 1 set for monitor, 1 set for remote of Bescor MP-101 motorized pan/tilt, and 1 cable for Lanc remote control.  I wrap in spiral to make 1 cable assembly.  I can pan/tilt, zoom, focus, start/stop and on/standby, and see what camera sees from up to 50 ft.  I set up a portable Costco folking table and have a board with Velcro set for each camera's monitor, Bescor control, and Lanc controller.  Works great to set up medium and close-up shots and pan through the band or choir.  Works for weddings also.  This is becoming obsolete with wi-fi enabled cameras linked to tablets, but still, the Bescor units work well for small cameras.  I have all 3 cable assemblies, Bescor units, monitors, and a 12 v power supply mounted in self-made custom hard side luggage.  Everything is battery powered, except monitors and I carry small 12 volt motorcycle or snowmobile gel-cell batteries with several pigtails to power everything if 120v isn't avail.  Bescor sells 50 ft extension cables, the rest are DIY.  I've streamed multi-camera feeds from the beach for underwater pumpkin carving contest and other scuba activities.  Sending the underwater camera feed to the beach without a very long cable is grist for another post.

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