I’m going to have to disag


I’m going to have to disagree with the first reply. Sony Vegas has a tendency to crash; it’s quite well-documented if you go to their forums, the biggest reason is that Vegas does not play well with the default SATA drivers that Windows Vista & Windows 7 use. (fault lies with Vegas, the drivers work fine for everything else in the world; their solution isto update your SATA drivers, but very few motherboard manufacturers release SATA drivers now since the Windows ones work very well)

As someone else said, only upgrade if you want to do things you can’t in Pinnacle; but part of the problem there is you may come across stuff in Premiere Pro that you can do that never even occurred to you with Pinnacle. I used Pinnacle Studio 14for a short while, and I didn’t care for it. Premiere Pro is definitely an upgradeas far as both features and complexity goes, but it’s not hard to learn; it just takes some time. $800 is not a price tag that should be taken lightly. They have a free 30-day trial; download itand play with it. A valid point brought up by someone else is that Adobe is the biggest name and most commonly used one for video editing out there, so your compatibility as far as project files and such are concerned is at a max; but that may be irrelevant, depending on what you do.

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