I’m going to be using pret


I’m going to be using pretty typical editing software, likely something like Sony Vegas. What I’m starting to be a little worried about is mostly the possible difficulty I may run into trying to work with the AVCHD format, because all I’ve heard is that it can be hard to work with. Will the AVCHD format be difficult to “convert” to be able to be easily edited with Sony Vegas (if that makes sense). I don’t really understand what they are talking about when reviewers say it can be hard to work with.

Also, again with limited understanding – is it worth going with the Flash format rather than a hard disk (mini DV or whatever you all were discussing)? I mean, with the cost of additional cards / disks, what is a rough estimate of what you’d pay for each?

I’m really quite niave when it comes to all this, and I’m not really picky about what to get. I simply want something that can record a high quality video, is fairly easy to work with, and lets me get my media on the computer without too much trouble. And of course, under $1000.

**And an additionaly note – a camcorder that is pretty friendly to working with focus, I think I’d like being able to really exploit focus. That was one thing that made me a little afraid of going with the Vixia HF10, its manual focus wasn’t that great (according to the reviews).

I know I’m asking a lot, but I am greatful for the time you all are putting into this for me.

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