I’m glad to see so much co


I’m glad to see so much conversation on this subject. It’s very important that as a community, the video production industry present a more united front on pricing. I am very up front about my rate card on my web site: http://www.dfwvideography.com. There is some information you’re seeking that is not on the site. If I travel for a client on one day and not shoot. I charge 50% of my lighting videographer rate and don’t charge for equipment rental but do charge mileage. If I travel and shoot on the same day, I charge for a full day with gear regardless of how long the shoot plus mileage and other expenses such as lodging, meals, parking, tolls, etc.
I worked for a large production company in Dallas for several years, hiring local crews and crews to shoot for our producers all over the country. My rates are very much in line with what I refer to as the "industry standard."
I make very few exceptions, but will always try to work with-in a clients budget. Sometimes I can and sometimes, not.

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