I’m glad I stumbled on thi


I’m glad I stumbled on this discussion! My suggestion would be to stream the games, insert your own commercials, and take the play by play from the local radio station or the group doing it. You’ll make more money AND at the same time can still give the coaches their game videos.

The real reason I’m on here is secondary.

I have a camera question.

I stream multiple teams / programs. In addition to streaming to the internet, we also capture the games on dvd and edit (insert commercials) and run those later on through our local cable company.

Taking a DVD, getting into a file format that I can work with in iMovie and then rendering literally takes 12 or more hours.

I’m looking for a hard drive camera that has firewire capabilities so I can capture and “pass through” to the computer at the same time. The stream would happen live – then later on I can edit an original file before taking to my local cable company for airing.

The only camera that has this capability is the JVC – HD7 – does anyone know if I can stream live and capture to the hard drive? Thus saving HOURS of time and effort on my computer!

Thanks in advance


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