I’m excited to see where t

AvatarGrinner Hester

I’m excited to see where things land as far as their selling or merging the company. I don’t see any avoiding that at this point. Whent hat happens, I do expect great things.

20 years ago, Avid was indeed the industry standard and by far the top dog of the new NLEs. All the linear houses were adding Avid offline suites. Media COmposer version 5 was released in 1995 and introduced the 3D DVE. Aliased as it was, we were all giddy and no other NLE came close when you looked at quality and features. 15 years ago, producers would call with an opening question “do you have an Avid?” If we said no to that, we lost, plain and simple. Thats when an Avid was an Avid though. They killed the meridien line almost ten years ago and started pushing their software to try to compete with FCP, which was gaining market share quickly. The software was nowhere near ready and as old clientele realized they were now paying to beta test for Avid, things changed. Avid’s upgrades became bug fixes (that introduced new bugs) while every other NLE’s upgrades intriduced more capabilities. When Avid released Adrenaline they were making up for losss of market share and began what I call their creative marketing. It’s been nothing but lies since releasing Adrenaline as HD native and even calling it Adrenaline HD. It could not do HD. I’m not kidding when I say when I do an HD project today, I have to bypass the $44,000 break out box. This does indeed mean I can’t monitor it or spit it out any other way than exporting a file. Yes, now they sell an adapter for 500 bucks. lol I’m sure you can understand how this leaves a bad taste in a brother’s mouth. Their support is non existant. Should you call (at 500 bucks a call unless you pay a grand a year for assurence) you get some kid who responds to your dilema with “hmmm, well that otta work.”

yes. yes it should. Hence the call, Beaver Cleaver.

Now they are irinically up to v5… where they were 16 years ago. Same aliased DVE. Same primative title tool with Marquee still waaaay too slow to mess with. Avid editors’ DVE is still After Effects to this very day. When they claim this and that now… man I have to touch it and do it to buy it. Till then, it’s just doodoo butter. It’s bad business to lay down on a burning bes then claim to have gotten burned. Again, Smoke is sound and has been around. FCP is growing by leaps and bounds and has become the industry standard. Hows that for egg on the big purple A’s face? Search staff editor gigs and see how many Avid jobs are out there vs FCP jobs. Avid did this. Nobody sells more copies of FCP than Avid today.

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