I’m both a filmmaker and a


I’m both a filmmaker and a graphics designer and I would also stick with the photos if possible.

Now, if you have used Adobe Photoshop and/or Illustrator, you might or perhaps should know the difference between Raster and Vector graphics. I’ll keep it short.

Vector Graphics(ie. Adobe Illustrator art) use math to calculate points, so no matter how far you zoom in, they are always high quality.

Raster Graphics, or pictures/still photos(ie. Adobe Photoshop stuff, obviously) are raster which meansthey’re made of tiny pixels. This means if you zoom into them, you lose quality and eventually you can see each individual pixel.

If you zoom into a photo, you will lose quality. I useAdobe After Effects for manipulting photos combined with Photosop, if necessary. You could try After Effects and use the continous rasturization, but i’m not sure it would work. I might try a pan instead or a slow, small zoom and then change to another shot, but it’s up to you.

I hope this helped you or gave you ideas.

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