I’m assuming you mean 2.35


I’m assuming you mean 2.35:1. That’s what almost all newer movies are in these days. LOTR, Incredibles, National treasure, Pirates of the Carribean, etc. What I do, is shoot in normal 4:3 Fullscreen aspect ratio, and then load my footage into Sony Vegas 5 and crop the image to a size of 720×280. That is a 2.35:1 aspect ratio. Of course, you’ll want to film with that in mind. What I do is load some 2.35:1 footage onto a DV tape, pause the footage on my cam, and stick 2 rubber bands on the LCD screen to use as guides. Works really well. I’m not positive if 720×280 is the correct screen size, but I have loaded frame grabs from movies into Vegas and cropped my footage to the size of those frame grabs, and it comes out at 720×280. Now, I don’t know of any other programs besides Vegas that support cropping, since Vegas is the only program I’ve used. Hope this helps!

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