I’m assuming these are


I'm assuming these are "spanned" AVCHD files. That is, you filmed for 12 minutes and the camera then started a new file.  If these are not AVCHD files,  please disregard.


These instructions are for Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.


The secret is to (1) copy the entire "Private" folder and all it's contents to your hard drive. 


And (2) in Adobe Premiere Pro, don't try to import the clips through the Project Manager. Instead, go to Media Browser and navigate to your clips. All the "spanned" clips will appear as one single clip (you can verify this by looking at the length of the clip in the lower right corner of the thumbnail).. Drag and drop it into your project panel.


The Private folder contains more than just your clips. It also contains the information to merge them together without that momentary loss of video and audio. 


Most AVCHD cameras also come with packaged software for transferring spanned files to your computer.

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