I’m assuming that your AVI


I’m assuming that your AVI files are all perfectly synched. So the problem develops during the rendering to WMV process. I can’t see how your audio or video card would have any influence on playback (except on your computer.) The cards are only for output (you don’t capture by running AV signals into the cards.) I’m guessing you are importing via a Firewire input when you use Visual Communicator. The cards are not used anywhere in the recording & rendering process. So I’ll also assume the synch problem happens on everyone’s computers.

So you need troubleshooting to discover the problem source. Does it occur when you render to AVI, transfer to disc and play on another computer? Or is it only happening with the WMV files? It sounds like you render directly into a WMV file, so what happens if you render to AVI then use one of the many free video conversion utilities to convert the AVI to WMV?

But this problem really sounds like a software issue in Premiere Pro. Are you positive you’ve got the most recent codecs in place? Are you using default settings for rendering the WMV file? What happens when you customize the WMV settings? Do some troubleshooting and get back to us with the results.

This is not a normal situation, but some troubleshooting will be able to locate where the synch issue begins. Then we can solve it.

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