I’m assuming from the natu


I’m assuming from the nature of the contest that the video is intended for viewing by avid “kayakers” (not sure what the appropriate term is). I’m also assuming that you yourself fall into that group. Coming from an outsiders view, I don’t think the first scene works well. It was confusing going into a video on kayaking and the first thing I see is guys swinging on ropes. Nothing wrong the shot itself, just its position in the video. I would start off on more ‘action-y’ shots of actual kayaking and then if I wanted to keep the rope shot, put it in later. I liked the dissonance of somber music behind slow motion action shots. To me it conveyed a feeling of passion for the sport. Definitely for an insider crowd though.

That being said, to help attract views I would go on kayaking forums and other kayaking interest sites and link the video. Also, I would get everybody in my social network to view the video. One way to do this is to create Facebook event and link the video, and ask people to “like” it. Otherwise, just put it out there anyway you can to maximize the traffic to the video. Good luck!

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