I’m another music teacher


I’m another music teacher just starting to conduct live online lessons via Skype. Hi Masada, glad I stumbled onto this forum! I teach pedal steel guitar, no competition for you.

I’ll look into the links above, I’m on a Mac using Skype (better image and sound than iChat for some reason); anyone know of a multi-webcam switching box or software that’s also Mac oriented? Thanks.

Also: what’s the best solution for setting up multi webcams in place? I’m using a mic boom stand with the camera duct taped to the mic clip, works, but not very elegant. I think what I truly want is something like swing down arms mounted on my studio ceiling, with gooseneck ends for easy camera positioning. The arms would fold out of the way, just pull them down and clip the cameras to these hanging rods. Am I reinventing the wheel?

Thanks to all, in advance, for you guidance.

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