I’m also looking to get in


I’m also looking to get into video. I currently teach Multimedia and Animation, lots of After Effects, but I’d like to jump into video. Lots of posts say you need to decide what you will be doing with the camera, and all I can think of is EVERYTHING! Of course, I want to (eventually) do this for profit. I’ve been a semi-pro musician for years so my weekend nights are filled with gigs. I’m getting laid off next year, so it’s time to make the move! I have used the schools cameras in the past, but they’re not HD and look pretty crappy.

I need a versatile camera, probably two. If I had a magic wand I’d like to do music video shooting (creative), live performance as well as, well, not live? But, I also would love to do local commercials (bread and butter). I’ve been reading about the debate between DSLR and Camcorder. The images I’ve seen from DSLR’s are so rich and cinematic with DoF, but so many say go with a camcorder as a first camera.

What camera should I be looking at???


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