I’m also curious about “tr


I’m also curious about “tricks” in production. I’ve been producing professionally since 1984 and I’ve taught video production to hundreds of individuals. So the “tricks” I taught were stuff like how to wind mic & power cords so they won’t kink up. Or to always run power cords for lights through the legs of the light stand, so when someone trips on the cord, the light isn’t pulled over. Always start recording before you think you have to and continue recording beyond the end so you don’t accidentally erase some of your video. The absolute BEST trick is to put mics on your subjects and maybe the next most important is to use a tripod with the third being “you need more/better lighting.”

Of course there are the “tricks” I share with other pros. Like, never underestimate the importance of packaging & presentation. Recording interviews is so much easier with two cameras it isn’t funny. The individual with the best knowledge of outlets in older buildings is the head janitor; they’re also helpful in finding the shortest cable runs. And you can use an auto interior as an emergency sound booth.

So anyway, I’m still wondering what sort of “tricks” we’re talking about.

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