I’m a tech geek, it’s my


I'm a tech geek, it's my nature. I came to the art side late in life. Being so anylitical "Art" was something hard for me, so I stuck to the 0's and 1's till I started to understand the "Rules" of art, which of course are made to be broken, hense the fun of them.


So for me, it was at first the technical side and to me it was very interesting, especially as its been growing so fast. Then It took on more of a creative role in my life and I left engineering all to gether to do it full time. So for several years now its been both the main job and the hobby. I think it's important for people that work in video to have "Passion" projects. Just something on the side to keep the work fun and without limits. I couldn't keep the creative life going if I didn't have the hobbie side to expirement with.


At that point it just becomes life consuming and you just go with what ever direction the job takes you.

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