I’m a new forum member and


I’m a new forum member and couldn’t help notice your issue with Pinnacle. I also have Pinnacle Studio but since last year decided to drop them. I find their software to be a) buggy, b) inconsistent, c) dummbed-down. Tech support is nediocre at best depending on whom you get. On the “plus side” is that they do have decent FX Effects. But in terms of the program (Studio) performance it leaves a lot to be desired: I havean Intel Dual-Xeon processor system (each processor is at 2.8 Ghx) with 2 gig ram, and over 1 Tbyte of disk space. You would think Studio (and I have Studio 11 Ultimate) would run like a bat out of hell. Well, it doesn’t.And it takes longer than necessary to render effects. I also use Sony Vegas Studio and it’s like night and day in terms of speed and performance. If you’ve found another editor you’re comfortable with great, otherwise you might want to try Sony Vegas Studio (the pro version is also an option if you need that kind of functionality). The interface on Sony Vegas Studio is very different from Pinnacle Studio – Sony doens’t presume you’re an idiot so they have not “dumbed-down” the interface. In fact, you might even find the interface a bit overwhelming at first as it does take some time to get used to. I also tried the Magix Edit Pro and found it very interesting but my trial expired before I could make a decision.

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