I’m a long-time Liquid use


I’m a long-time Liquid user — and 7 still has some bugs — be sure to get the SP2. The bells and whistles are AMAZING — but I think you should look at bulking up your PC. If you thought Studio 9 sputtered, Liquid will drive you nuts. Your graphics card should be the best one you can afford, and over-do it on your memory/hard drive space (at least double what you already have). I’m using the AVI all-in-wonder x800xt and am fairly happy with it. Fusing your sequences w/effects helps a lot, too. The worst thing about 7 — the DVD authoring. The potential is there, but it doesn’t do all it promises. The best about 7? Everything else. It can do ANYTHING most other pro editing systems can do, but without the need for all the plug ins. Real time rendering, total key frame control, multi-cam editing, the color correction stuff is great…

whew. gotta love it.

Have fun with your new baby!

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