I’m a big fan of Canon’s X


I’m a big fan of Canon’s XL H1 too. It’s got an interchangeable lens option which is absolutely crucial if you want make a feature film. Lets face it. Many of these cameras are affordable or within the range of affordable (I remember being young and only having the option of purchasing something like a 16mm Arriflex which was over $20,000 – these cameras are $3,000 and up), so having the flexibility of lenses (which really define the quality of your lighting) is the only way to go.

There’s a good professional site for this stuff:


Anytime I need to research or compare these kind of cameras I do it there because it’s pretty neutral. They also have breakdowns by medium – studio, ENG, documentary, digital cinematography, etc. There’s a few video interviews, one with a cinematographer where they ask him what he uses. Others from trade shows where the manufacturers show their new products. It’s pretty useful.

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