“I’ll throw this question


“I’ll throw this question into the mix as to quality. Is that why you would transcode a piece of video prior to editing?”

Some people would rather have the ease of processing you get from editing DV-AVI. Of course, MPEG-2 and DV-AVI use two separate compression techniques, so the losses are entirely different. Having original MPEG-2 converted to DV-AVI, you would have the limitations (losses) of both formats.

“To say a codec is ‘editable’ means that codec holds it’s quality from beginning to end, and that doesn’t happen when you cut up Long GOP video because you delete frames that other frames look to for data.”

This doesn’t necessarily pose a problem for killing frames in the final production. It’s possible that the frames which depend on others draw their data from the original file (not the editor timeline). I’m not saying that this is necessarily the way it works, but I haven’t noticed any of these symtoms – not with my editing software (PDR), anyway.

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