>>>I’ll take your


>>>I’ll take your word on the upscaling of DV to HDV. Maybe combining DV with HDV is acceptable since HDV is so compressed.

No, I wouldn’t ever say that combining SD and HD is a good thing…and I hope I didn’t give you the impression thatthe scaled SDeven looked close to HDV….it didn’t….it didn’t look any better at all. My main point was that I really didn’t notice a difference in SD scaled to HD and the original SD footage….

Obviously HD is a larger size than SD but it’s all the same size when played back on an HD TV…..720×480 widescreen will still fill the fullscreen on an HD TV just like 1080i…..I know there’s a technical explanation, I just don’t know how to say it without writing a novel or showing an illustration.

and Rob….lol…for the millionth time, HDV isn’t that bad….it looks great and the whole world is using it buddy….Any performance or quality issues with editing and rendereing HDV can be resolved by using Cineform, ProRes or some other type of intermediary codec…I’ve seen some stunning, breathtaking HDV video wthout any compression artifacts whatsoever….

I’ll try to put together some nice examples…I’m trying to find the Official Z1U demo video clip that sony used to have on their website….it was converted from HDV to HD-WMV and still looked absolutely awesome without artifacts even after the compression from HDV to WMV for online HD delivery….HDV is used on television everyday also…looks great. I don’t know what else to say….

If anyone has that sony demo, can you pass it along.

Best Regards Rob,


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