Ill take your assault as a


Ill take your assault as a friendly one, with good natured intent, although in my defense I think that 30 years ago I was shooting weddings before almost anyone could afford to add motion to the subject, and a bride never gave a second thought to a movie. (also I threw my flash away and will not buy movie lights either but that is a subject for a different forum)
Today I am trying to keep up with the times and add sound and yes motion to my work. Ill always believe in the power of the still image, but affecting the other senses of the viewer can be rewarding as well.
Although making the sound and motion work together seems to be a challenge at the moment.
I sincerely hope we are not finding in this discussion that the Zoom may indeed be our problem, but if we are coming to that conclusion, at least it is good to forewarn those about to make a mistake.
Thanks and happy shooting.

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