I’ll more than likely inve


I’ll more than likely invest in FCP X within the next 12 months. Mistake or no on the early release version, it’ll iron out and be a useful tool, though I will hang onto my FCP Studio as well, so long as it works with my current Mac Pro system.

People screw up. Companies screw up. Often unintentionally, or via mistaken concepts, products or management (actually MIS management – think Amiga that used the Toaster/Flyer system to kick off a powerful desktop editing revolution). Sometimes the mistakes generate something good, oftentimes not.

Apple has the ability to built out FCP X and make it what it could become. I’ve seen people and manufacturers jump ship or abandon Apple over the years, but all seem to have a way of coming back sooner or later. In fact, because certain printer companies, etc. once abandoned the Apple I will no longer purchase their products that now once again support Apple connectivity.

Yeah, loyalty is loyalty and then there’s “blind loyalty” … well, that’s not me, blind, but I will stick with a known entity and proven series of products, services, software, etc. until it is a bit MORE obvious that they’re headed out the back door, before moving to something else just because it’s currently cheaper and “sharking” off a perceived Apple bonehead booboo.

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