I’ll let others speak to t


I’ll let others speak to the camera suggestions, but of you’re looking to do commercials, don’t forget you royalty free assets – Music, titling software, motion backgrounds, etc…

There are free pieces of the above (do a forum search – there are plenty of message threads) but I have found a few gems for reasonable prices or even free:

Titling – Bluff Titler (if you have access to a PC – http://www.outerspace-software.com/blufftitler.html) or Wildform FX Pro (http://www.wildform.com/products/wildfx/)

Stock Video: http://www.stockfootageforfree.com/

As I said, a search of VM will come up with many resources: http://www.videomaker.com/search/?q=royalty+free&sa=Search

And my favorite for royalty free assets (titling backgrounds, music, you-name-it) is Digital Juice (http://www.digitaljuice.com/) – They offer an amazing selection and some of the best VALUE in RF assets around.

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