I’ll echo what Earl and bi


I’ll echo what Earl and birdcat have said, in that there’s a lot
more to the actual “cost” than just be physical deliverables and a
paltry hourly wage. Too much work goes into each product to sell them
for so little.

When I got into wedding videos, I thought the same
thing as you, that everyone in the field charged too much. I tried
selling $400 -$600 wedding video packages. That was possibly the
biggest mistake of my professional career. For starters, even though
you’d think it would be exactly opposite, the folks buying cheap
packages were the pickiest, rudest, most demanding clients. I don’t
know exactly what causes this, but I think it’s because cheapskates
looking for a deal are usually so caught up in their wants that they
don’t always realize they’re getting a deal. Then there was the time
issue. I was spending 40-50 hours a week on wedding video production,
and because I was charging so little, I was also working a full-time
job to make ends meet. It was burning me out.

The bottom line is that there’s no way to live charging such low
rates. Even charging as much as $5000 per wedding, I still try to take
at least one corporate job per month to make sure bills are paid and
food is on the table.

As far as timeframes go, again, you have to remember the field
you’re in. That 30 minute TV show you watched last night on TV? It took
a team of people a couple months to turn that around. (They also
charged a HECK of a lot more than $2000-$5000 for their work, but
that’s another topic.) So I have no problem with telling clients the
may have to wait for up to 90 days for a 90 minute video I produce
solo. And almost all the time, my clients understand this. Now, I’ve
almost always delivered my products well within a month (and remember,
if it takes a week and a two days to edit a video, and you do one every
week, you’re falling two days behind on every project, which can add up
by the end of wedding season), but recently, thanks to aquiring a live
swithch setup, I can now almost always have a wedding done in a few
days. And because I can deliver faster, I’ve actually started charging
more that I did before, because 1-They’re getting a better service, and
2-I invested a great deal of money into the production costs.

And for those folks who insist on complaining about the price
wedding videographers chargs, I always enjoy pointiong out that many
corporate video production houses charge upwards of $2000 per finished
minute of video. If wedding videographers were charging this rate, a 60
minute video would cost $120,000. Wouldn’t that be great! πŸ™‚

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