igotthat, Movie Maker, it


igotthat, Movie Maker, it is FREE. Not much else to say. You get what you pay for. You will not find any good options, or transitions etc. And it has its issues. A FREE program is just that FREE. Microsoft for one is NOT going to give anything away that has some nice candy with it. Movie Maker is for the most basic YouTuber, but from your questions you want more. So since I am totally anti-Movie Maker because it gives quality videos a bad name I will nudge you in a different direction.

Corel VSX4 Pro

download the 30 day FULLY Functional NO watermark ever feature active trial. Test it out. And as you can see the price is the lowest it has ever been. When I started using this it exceeded $100.00. And there is a really good reason why the price has dropped so much this year. They did not release an X5 but instead did something so much better, released a nice serious addon…

This added package is sooooo sweet. I have started using it and am AMAZED, it was well worth the price.

Some of the things you want to do with Movie Maker you will not be able to do. FREE means practically no choices default everything and Microsoft’s way. You sound like someone wanting to take the next step. There are many other NL Editing programs but VS has been and always shall be my fav. (pun on Star Trek there)

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