If you’re teaching video p


If you’re teaching video production, then I must admit I’m mystified by you not knowing the answer here? If you record interviews and bands, inside and outside, then the very worst place for the mic is on the camera. Bands need special techniques if the audio quality is to retain parity with the video. Pointing a single mic at a band that includes amplified instruments and drums will sound horrible. On top of this, moving the camera moves the sound balance – which will sound grim. For interviews, good sound will come from appropriate mics used in the proper manner – recorded on something else probably and then synced in the edit. For music that’s got a natural acoustic balance then a stereo mic at the right location will make a decent job of most styles, but again, sound is not something simple you can bolt on. You can buy tons of mics that you can attach to the camera, but the camera is the worst place to put them! For a music video, it’s even more critical that sound quality is good – perhaps even more so than the video format. If you are going to teach people, you have to teach them the proper industry way of doing things.

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