If you’re talking about th


If you’re talking about the look of the battle scene at the beginning of Gladiator, use a higher shutter speed.

Conventional wisdom says you should use a shutter speed double that of your frame rate. For example – 30 frames per second use 1/60 shutter, 24 fps use 1/48 or 1/50 depending on your camera. This gives a film-like motion blur and relates to something called shutter angle in film. (Trust me, shutter angle isn’t something you need to concern yourself with for video.)

To get that juttery look in the Gladiator battle scene, increase your shutter speed. Try 4 times faster, then 8.

What you’re doing is grabbing smaller and smaller bits of the frame, and each bit is stretched over the frame upon playback. The smaller the bits, the more strobe-like the effect.

Do some test shots to see what you like.

Good luck with your fight scene. 🙂

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