if you’re not really sure


if you’re not really sure what you wanna do, it’s probably best to shoot in 60i.60i can be converted to 24p more accurately and percisely than 30p if necessary….shooting in this format will leave your options open.

Sports footage should be shot in 60i…if you don’t wanna shoot 60i then go with 30p…24p is overated and doestn’t like quick movements….24p may be more practical when shootings coreograpghed scenes…

Also, don’t expect HD quality if you areburning regularSD DVD’s….however, the quality should still be slighly better than SD.

Also….frame rate shouldn’t necessarily affect the the quality to the point of artifacts or pixelation…if this is the case, it is likely you aren’t using optimized compression settings or you are converting the footage too many times between the time the footage leaves the camera and is burned to dvd.

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