If you’re not familiar with


If you’re not familiar with the video creation process, then no question is dumb. First though, would be to learn the terminology.
You mention “encoder” but I think what you mean is NLE or non-linear editor. This is the software app used to edit and encode a video clip. If you have a Windows PC, Moviemaker comes with Windows. It’s easy to learn and will have you editing in a matter of minutes. There are other products that can be purchased and installed on your PC such as Pinnacle Studio. Search on video editors on Amazon.

The camera you linked to is cheap, but will probably will not deliver the quality results you’d like. A good quality webcam or even a used smartphone with a good built-in camera would serve you better, depending on what you plan to film. If you’re looking to move the camera around, go with a decent Handycam or cell phone. A webcam would work but only if you’re not moving around. Don’t overlook eBay for good used stuff.

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